Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tasting Table Tuesday - Bullseye!

Yesterday I finished piecing my husband's Target quilt.  It's his Christmas present this year, but I can show it to you here because he never reads my blog.  Not really a computer kinda guy...

My original plan was to add sashing between the blocks, but after I laid it all out, I decided I liked the blocks better without sashing.  So I just added a narrow inner border in a muted earthy green, playing off of the bullseye centers, then an outer border of black with narrow brown sketched lines.  I think it's just the right finishing touch.

Now I just have to decide how I want to quilt this...

  1. Straight lines on either side of every seam?
  2. Concentric circles in each bullseye, and at the intersection of each block (where the brown points all come together)?
  3. One big series of concentric circles starting in the very center of the quilt and radiating outwards to the very outer edge of the quilt?
  4. Some sort of traditional feather design in each block?

What's your suggestion???


  1. Good call on no sashing. As for the quilting...hah! I can't even figure out how to quilt my own tops, so I won't even try to suggest something to others. But I'm sure whatever you decide will look great! (I wouldn't suggest feathers, though...too formal).

  2. concentric circles on the bulleyes and straight line quilting that varies directions on each "square".

  3. I love how this turned out - the fabrics are great.

    With circular piecing I usually try to do linear or jagged quilting to break the "curviness" that is going on. If it were going to be for my husband I probably would not do feathers.

    I am sure you will figure out something fantastic!



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