Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tasting Table Tuesday - Target Quilt

I hope everyone is safe now that Hurricane Sandy has passed by.  We had lots of rain and wind here, but we're fine.  And our daughter and her family in NJ are fine as well - thankfully!  It was a scary night for all of us, but everyone is ok today.  I sure hope that's not an indication of what our winter weather will be like this year!
Now for today's Tasting Table.  I've started a new quilt!  A few months ago, I was awestruck when I first saw David Butler's Curious Nature quilt and his collection of Parson Gray fabrics.  (If you missed it, here's a link to his site.)  My husband is an avid trap and target shooter, and I thought this would make a perfect Christmas gift for him.  After all, everyone else has quilts I've made for them, but I've never made one for him.  I think it's time :)
I could have just ordered a kit and make the Curious Nature quilt, but then I'd be making the exact same quilt as everyone else, and I've never liked to do that.  I'm often inspired by quilts I see, but I prefer to make mine a little different than everyone elses.  Kits are fine - they're just not for me...
So here's my take on David's quilt - his pattern is on the left, and my interpretation is on the right.  I'm making nine smaller blocks instead of one big one, and I'm using Civil War Reproduction fabrics.


  1. I love your interpretation - and your fabric choices. It'll be a great guy quilt!

  2. Curved piecing... Yikes! You got one of those foot thingies or do you go "bare"? It's going to looks great. Love your fabric choices!

  3. I agree with Jeanie... Curves? Yikes!

  4. The Curious Nature Bull's Eye quilt is new to me. I do like the large size in his fabrics - but I really like your size with the fabrics you are using. I think yours will be very attractive. Look forward to seeing your finished project! :)

  5. Looks like it will be a quilt worth the challenge of those curves!


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