Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tasting Table Tuesday - What's Behind Curtain #1?

I'm almost finished quilting my husband's quilt and I've had to do a little "creative engineering" to keep it out of sight.  My quilting machine is the first thing you see when you come down the stairs, and while I trust him to not look, it's a little hard to avert your eyes when the quilt is right under your nose!  So I hung an old shower curtain as a temporary screen.  He knows I'm working on a quilt for him, but I really want to surprise him on Christmas, so I don't want him to see the finished result until then.  It might not be pretty, but it works in a pinch!  I should have pictures of the finished quilt in time for next week's Tasting Table Tuesday post...
By the way, my Juki is behaving VERY nicely!  I'm so glad I decided to keep her :)


  1. That's a very clever solution. Kudos on having it done on time for Santa to deliver.

  2. That's a mighty nice Juki. I hear they are great for FMQ. My hubby would peek. Or I guess that I should be really honest and say that I can't keep a secret. :-)


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