Saturday, May 19, 2012

Triangulations - Product Review

There has been a flurry of Half-Square Triangle making going on in the Cotton Cellar this weekend.  The girls at Needles Quilt Shop are already working on shop sample quilts for next Christmas, and I'm helping.  Katie is busy making the applique blocks for this quilt, and I'm working on the alternate pieced blocks, which means LOTS of half-square triangles.
I've always used the traditional method of cutting lots of squares, drawing a diagonal line on the back of the light ones, then stitching on both sides of the line, cutting them apart, yada, yada, yada...  if you're a quilter, you get the drift - and if you're not, you probably don't care anyway :)...
Anyhoo - Mary suggested I try using Triangulations - a computer program that allows you to print foundation sheets for HST's.  I'm sold!!!  The ones I made finish at 1 1/2" square and I can get 24 units out of one sheet.  Talk about speedy!  And they are so accurate, it's amazing!  As long as you can stitch exactly on the dotted lines (just follow the arrows and stitch continuously) and cut exactly on the solid lines, they will all turn out exactly the same.  Don't forget to decrease your stitch length, otherwise you'll have a hard time removing the paper.  I used a stitch length of about 1.5 and the paper popped off without a hitch.  This is by far the fastest and most accurate method I've ever tried, and I'll be using this method from now on, especially when making lots of small ones.  If you haven't tried it yet, give it a shot.  Last I knew, you could buy it at Needles if you're in the Wellsboro area, or check with your local quilt shop - chances are they'll have it.

All my HST's are done, and I'm ready to start assembling my blocks tomorrow.  Ho Ho Ho!
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  1. I'm a bit late in reading this. Triangulations I haven't tried as I have always used the Triangle Paper. I have heard good things about it as long as you remember to make sure it is the proper scale on your computer (or something to that effect). Perhaps I will give it a try.

    1. Just make sure the scale option on the print screen is set to "none" before you print. Good luck!


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