Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beaver Valley Piecemakers Quilt Show

If you happen to be near Pittsburg PA on October 12-14 this year, there's a quilt show you might want to attend.  I received an email from the Beaver Valley Piecemaker's Quilt Guild asking me to mention their show on my blog, and before I got to it, I discovered that my friend Kelly already posted about it on her blog over at IHAN.  So rather than "re-invent the wheel" as the old saying goes, I'll save myself a little work and just send you over to IHAN's blog to read all about it.  There's a picture of their raffle quilt too.  Sounds like a great show!

Now I've got to get packing - I'm off for a day of "girls-day-out-shop-hopping" in Ithaca NY tomorrow.  Neither of us has ever been to Ithaca before, but we've heard great things about the quilt shops and yarn shops there.  And lunch at Moosewood is in the plans.  Sounds like a fun day!  Hopefully I'll come home with some pretties to use in a couple of quilts I've got planned...

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  1. Have a wonderful time in Ithaca -- if you have the time, I would recommend a quick stop at the Cornell Plantations in this glorious weather!


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