Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oxygen Bag Finale

It's finally done!  This was probably the most difficult bag I've made far - primarily because I did not have a pattern.  It seemed like it would be a fairly easy task to take apart an existing bag, use the pieces as patterns for the new fabric, then sew it all back together again.  Well, it wasn't that easy - believe me!  I had to totally change the construction of the bag because I eliminated the back-pack feature altogether (my customer only uses it as a shoulder bag), and while the old bag was just a single layer of canvas-like material, she wanted a batik fabric with lots of padding, which meant a lining needed to be added as well.  So I really had to do use some serious brain-power to figure out how to put it all together.  It took three attempts to get it right, and I almost gave up a few times, but it's finally done.  And I think my customer will be thrilled with her new bag.  Which one do you think she'd rather carry?  This original black one? ...... 
 .... or this new purple batik one?  (the picture of the black one isn't the exact one I started with, which is why the flap design is slightly different, but they both hold the same oxygen machine, so either works.)


  1. The bag looks great, Kathy! Nice job!

  2. That is a tremendous amount of work!! Fantastic job.


  3. I am attempting to do this too!! Need new hip bag for Helios.


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