Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tasting Table Tuesday - Hokey Pokey

I've been working all day on the Oxygen Tote Bag I mentioned in my last post, and I'm finally making some progress.  What sounded like a simple project has actually turned out to be quite complicated.  It's amazing how difficult it is to figure out how to assemble something without any directions.  Tomorrow is a busy day of appointments and shopping, so I probably won't get back to it until Thursday.  It's not far enough along to make for an interesting photo post, so to fill the gap, I'll share a couple of older quilts with you today.

A couple of years ago I decided to make a quilt to hang behind our bed. I found this pattern, called Hokey Pokey, by Quilter's Dream, and instantly knew that this was the one.  It's fast and easy to make, and creates a great visual impression with a vivid splash of color.  I made this one out of earth-tone batiks, which looks really nice in our bedroom.  Someone told me she thought it looks like Lava Lamps.  Remember those?

A friend of mine loved the quilt so much that she asked me to make one for her as well.  She chose turquoise and pink for her colors, so it has a much more tropical feel to it.  You need to have a high contrast of fabrics in this quilt - either darks and lights like the one above, or two different color groups like the pink & green below.  This is a really fun pattern and I enjoyed making both quilts.
Have you made a Hokey Pokey quilt?


  1. Both are very pretty. Nice quilting in the second one. :)


  2. Ooh, I LOVE those! And I adore the fact that both quilts have the same pattern, but project such different "feels"... The power of color!

    Great choice for your tasting table!


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