Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tasting Table Tuesday - Home for the Holidays

I set myself a goal this morning to finish the blocks for the Christmas quilt I mentioned earlier this week.  It's a shop sample for my LQS and my contribution to the project is the pieced alternate blocks.  They definitely took longer to make than I had anticipated, but that's the way most of my projects go.  We're probably all guilty of underestimating the amount of time things will take, but I stuck with it through most of the day (on and off, of course) and finally finished up at 9:00 tonight.
Of course, my evening glass of wine is long gone now, but I feel like I could use another now that this is finished.  But I'll stick with my usual cup of bedtime tea instead.  It's been a long day...
Tomorrow is a new day and I'll start by cleaning off my Tasting Table, to get ready to start my next project!
And if you're here looking for my free May Giveaway, click here to find it.  (Or just keep scrolling down on this page - it's the post previous to this one.)  Good luck in the drawing, if you've left a comment!

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  1. Very pretty - almost gets me in a Christmasy spirit. Almost. :)


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