Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tasting Table Tuesday - wrapping up loose ends

Since returning from our trip to Florida, I've spent the last few days wrapping up loose ends and getting ready to start some new projects.  I showed you some pictures last week of the borders that I was adding to an existing quilt (Growing a Quilt), and am happy to say that the method I used was a success!  It wasn't an easy project, but I've very pleased with how it turned out.  If you didn't read my previous post about the process, you can link back here.

 And this morning, I put the finishing touches on this modern baby quilt, all ready to go out to the customer.

 And my daughter sent me this picture of my grand-daughter wearing the new Easter outfit I made for her.  I think the bunnies on the fabric are cute, but the model is even cuter!!!  She's coming to visit us this weekend, and I can't wait!
 Now that I've got these other projects done, next on my list is an interesting - but unique - project.  A customer who carries a portable oxygen tank has asked me to turn this bag into something "pretty".  She dislikes having to carry the plain black canvas bag everywhere, and would love to have something more attractive.  I bought a 2nd bag from my local oxygen supply store and plan on taking it apart so I can re-use the mesh panels and the hardware, then use the canvas pieces as pattern pieces.  She picked out a gorgeous purple batik fabric, so I'll quilt up some sections and try and remake the bag using the quilted batik in place of the canvas.  Wish me luck!  I hope I'm successful, because it will surely make this customer one happy lady!


  1. The quilts are both fantastic, Kathy! Good luck with the oxygen cylinder holder - I can certainly see why your customer wants something more attractive to carry round with her.

  2. That will be an awesome challenge, but I'm sure you are going to do well with that. Who knows, maybe you can design a pattern for that and know you've made a huge difference.

  3. You did a great job enlarging that quilt! And you are certainly taking on a challenge with that oxygen bag, but I know you will find a creative way to re-create one.

  4. She's beautiful, Kathy! And so are all of the projects you've been working on.

    Happy Spring!


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