Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tasting Table Tuesday

Hot Hot Hot...  That's what's going on this week in this part of the country.  At least my Cotton Cellar stays a little cooler than the rest of the house, so I'll be spending as much time as possible down there the next few days.

In an attempt to stay cool, I made this Neck Cooling Wrap for my husband.  The store-bought one he's been using for the last few years sprung a leak, and while looking for a replacement on-line, I discovered this "make-your-own" tuturial.  Turns out I had all the materials on hand, so I didn't have to buy a thing.  And it only took a few minutes to make!  Much cheaper than buying on-line and paying shipping on top of that!
If you've never seen these before, it's simply a cotton tube with divisions sewn in, and Moisture Crystals in each division.  You soak it in a bowl of cool water for an hour or two so the crystals can absorb the water, then wring it out (gently) and wear it around your neck like a bandana.  It cools by evaporation and works great!  My husband always wears his while mowing the lawn in hot weather.

I only put 1/4 teaspoon of crystals in each section, and this is what it looks like after soaking overnight.  Good thing I didn't use more crystals - it might have burst!  The tutorial calls for 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon, so if you use 1/2 teaspoon don't soak it for more than an hour or two.

Update:  Since readers are asking, here's a link to the Moisture Crystals that I used.

After finishing this one, I made another pair of them for friends who were working in their garden in this heat yesterday.  Now they can stay cool too!



  1. I usually soak a bandana in water and wear that when it's this hot out. This is much more attractive (and probably works better too)! Where did you find the moisture crystals?

    1. Here's what I used... http://soilmoist.com/products/soil-moist.php

  2. Kathy - what a neat idea. I've heard of them. Where do you get the crystals??


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