Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tasting Table Tuesday - Aurifil Test and a new project!

I finished my latest baby quilt, and I quilted this one with white Aurifil 50 cotton thread.  This is the nicest thread I've used - it's thin but strong, has a nice soft sheen, and best of all - hardly any lint!  My machine loves it and so do I.  I'll be using Aurifil thread regularly now.

After sewing a multi-colored striped binding on this quilt, I decided I didn't like it and ripped out all the stitches and removed it.  It's in my scrap bin for some other quilt some day.  I'm much happier with this green one that has little dragonflies flitting all around.
(Etsy listing coming soon  DONE! click here to view)

Now I'm working on a new project - a quilt for my grandson.  My DIL bought a bundle of "Foxy Trails" by Riley Blake fat quarters and a pattern called "Scatter Patch" by Carlene Westburg, and had every intention of making this quilt herself, but like most busy moms, found herself running short of time, so she asked if I'd like to make it for them.  Of course!  When would I turn down a chance to make a quilt - especially for a special little boy!  This is such a happy collection of fabrics - you just can't help but smile when working with them!  :)
I chose Kona Ash as the solid because it goes PERFECTLY with this collection.  And it's simple piecing so this should go together pretty quickly.
I hope you're having a great week!


  1. Have not tried Aurifil yet. Have a friend who tried quilting with it and didn't have much success. Will have to try it sometime. Beautiful baby quilt!

  2. LOVE AURIFIL... love these quilts....turned out very nice... A+++

  3. This just appeared in my Facebook newsfeed via the Aurifil page. The quilt is gorgeous, I can't stop looking at it! Well done! x
    Look forward to seeing the bottom quilt when it's finished too!

  4. Love the quilt. I know another little, okay he's not so little now he's a big boy of four on Sunday, who would love this quilt too. Thank you so much for sharing. Patti xxx


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