Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tasting Table Tuesday - Paint Box Baby Quilts

I'm trying something new on Etsy.  I'm introducing a line of "Paint Box" Baby Quilts that will give buyers a choice of color palettes to pick from.  The quilts will all be the same, simple patchwork design, but the color palette will vary.  These first two are Pastel Batiks and I have a third one cut out and ready to sew.
I hope to offer two or three of each color palette, but change the backing and binding colors, so they would make nice gifts for twins or triplets as well as individual babies or toddlers.
Once again, I did all the basting STANDING UPRIGHT - thanks to my basting wall - so much easier on this old body than working on the floor.
(Click here if you want to read more about how I do this.)

I hope to have these Pastel Quilts listed in my Cotton Cellar shop at Etsy.com sometime tomorrow...
Update:   They're listed here...

I'm already digging through my stash - pulling fabrics and cutting squares for several other color palettes, like this super-bright one...

My work table looks like a bomb went off, with fabrics everywhere, but the process of selecting fabrics - pressing, then cutting - is almost like therapy for me... so calming and enjoyable.

I also finished the Challenge Quilt I mentioned a few weeks ago!  The deadline was originally July 1st, so I was all prepared to share pictures with you after all the entries were in, but the day after I submitted my entry, I found out the the deadline was being extended until August 1st.  So now you'll have to wait till then to see my quilt.  The challenge only required that the top be pieced by the deadline, but since sending in my entry, I continued on and finished quilting it as well, just so it wouldn't end up in my UFO basket.  I'm terrible that way - if I don't finish a project right away, I loose my focus and get too easily distracted by new projects, then never get back to finish it.  I'm sure I'm not alone here...  :)

Hope you're having a great summer!


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