Sunday, July 14, 2013

Eyeglass Pouches

Just finished up a custom order for some Flex-Frame Eyeglass Pouches.  The order was only for four (all shown on the left), but I figured that it would be more efficient to make a couple more at the same time, so I made six.  I only had one left in stock in my Etsy shop, so I needed some more anyway.  I hope to get these two extra ones (the two on the right) listed in the next couple of days.

Speaking of Etsy - a little while ago they made some changes to the way our Etsy shops look, and I love what they did.  The information is presented much more clearly to the viewer now, and the placement of everything makes so much more sense than it did before.

They also gave us the opportunity to publish an "About" page for our shops, giving the viewer a chance to get a glimpse into our studios and learn a little bit about what we do, and how we do it.  I've been rolling ideas around in my head for the last few months, trying to decide how to present mine.  I don't know about you, but I find it really difficult to write about myself, let alone pick a profile picture that I like!  I know - we're our own worst critic when it comes to pictures of ourselves.

So anyway, I spent several hours yesterday working on my About page, and finally published it.  Done!  It's not perfect, but I'm happy, and now I can get back to my sewing...

If you're interested and want to take a peek, here's a link.  And please, don't be afraid to point out any typos, or anything that doesn't make sense, etc.  Feedback is always appreciated!

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