Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tasting Table Tuesday

Life has gotten in the way of sewing since my last post.  So, instead of a sewing post, here's a funny story... (and it's a true one!)

A friend stopped at a local thrift shop to see what goodies he might find.  He found an egg peeler/slicer or some such device.  Thought to himself,
"my wife might like that"...  so he bought it.
Got home and showed it to his wife - she said,
"that looks just like the one I dropped off at the thrift shop last week!".
Sure enough - he paid good money to buy back the item they owned and donated the week before...

Reminds me of my own experience...  I was shopping at the same local thrift shop and saw a beautiful, handmade vest - sewn and quilted using a beautiful collection of batik fabrics.  Of course, I couldn't leave it there.  It was only a few dollars, and the fabrics and workmanship were lovely.
But it was too small for me...

I bought it anyway and gave it to a friend I'll call "S" (don't want to embarrass anyone by using their names).  Both "S" and her mother "C" are very tiny and petite and I was sure it would fit one of them.  So I gave it to "S" and it didn't quite fit her, but she thought it would fit her mother "C" (both women are sewers and quilters), but mentioned,
"gee - this looks familiar - I'm sure I've seen it before".
She passed it on to her mother who laughed and admitted that it was the same vest that she had made herself, then donated to the thrift shop the week before.  So I paid good money to buy it back and return it to her.

What are the odds...

At least the money goes to a good cause...

Have a great week!

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