Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tasting Table Tuesday - Tie Quilts

Wow - do I have a huge project on my Tasting Table Today!  I received a custom order request from this Etsy listing of my Haberdashery quilt.  My client has requested four queen-sized quilts using their 50-year collection of ties.  I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of such a big undertaking, but after mulling it over for the last week or so, I've finally gotten my mind wrapped around it and I'm really looking forward to it now.  Such an exciting project!!!

We've settled on a design, and the process has begun.
First, they shipped their collection of ties to me, 18 pounds worth!!!

and I spent this afternoon on my carport washing them all.
I knew my grandmother's drying rack would come in handy some day!

A little cold soapy water, a cold water rinse, and drip dry in the fresh air is all they need.  I was a little leary about washing them at first, but after consulting with a textile expert, she convinced me that it was not only safe to wash them, but necessary.

When you think about it, neckties are probably the dirtiest items we get when making memory quilts.  They are rarely cleaned.    However, the only thing that really gets distorted in the washing process is the interfacing, and that gets thrown out when I "disect" the ties anyway.  The fabrics are all fine.  My client isn't concerned about the stains, as they add "character" to the quilts, but I wanted the fabrics to be fresh and clean while I worked with them, so the delicate hand-washing process just freshens them and rinses out the surface dirt and odors.  Make for a much-more-pleasant sewing experience...

I plan on blogging about this work-in-progress as I go, so if you're interested in quilts made from neckties, check back frequently and follow along.

By the way, my Haberdashery quilt will be on display at the Quilts, Vines and Finger Lakes Wines Quilt Show this Saturday in Watkins Glen NY.  Stop in if you're in the area.  Looks like it's going to be a great show!


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