Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tasting Table Tuesday - a little girl's birthday

My granddaughter's 2nd birthday is coming up soon, so I've been squeezing in some birthday gift sewing projects between my normal quilting and purse-making.  I had forgotten how much fun it is to sew things for little girls!  I haven't done this kind of work since her mommy was little!  (and Mommy, if you're reading this, you might not want to read any further...)

She doesn't know it yet, but her parents have bought her a play kitchen, so of course, I had to make her a little apron to wear while she "cooks".  (tutorial by sewliberated here)  The little chicks are busy cooking and baking up a storm - such cute fabric!  I chose this tutorial because the neck strap is elasticized and the waist strap is velcroed, so she should be able to put this on and off by herself.  She's at that independent age and wants to do everything on her own now.
She also loves dolls now too, so I made her a doll-baby changing set, consisting of a changing pad, 3 diapers, and 4 flannel "wipes".  I got the idea for these from this blog post by Cottage Mama.
I then continued on with my Birthday Sewing Projects by making her 3 outfits for her doll-baby, using this tutorial by wewilsons.
And lastly, a set of rag-quilt alphabet letters, based on this tutorial from Happy Together.  So simple to make these!  I just made a sandwich of flannel/batting/cotton scraps, sewed the outline of the letter, then trimmed close to the stitching line with pinking shears.  Couldn't be easier!  I knew I saved my scraps for a reason!
So there you go - sorry for the toddler project overload, but these things were all so much fun to make.  I hope she enjoys playing with everything!


  1. What adorable gifts! Hard to believe that she's going to be two already!

  2. Sooo cute! I love the diaper set...I may have to make some for the babydolls around here!

  3. What great ideas. The apron with elastic and velcro is such a good idea - helps them be so independent. Fun things!


  4. Oh it looks like so much fun. I just know your granddaughter will be thrilled. The dolly outfits are so sweet and the diapers are just too much. Makes me want to be 6 again.



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