Friday, October 5, 2012

Bags are Packed

Bags are packed, I'm ready to go...  but not till Sunday.  After finishing the 15 laptops sleeves for the New Jersey teachers, I forged ahead with some new items for the Christmas shoppers on Etsy.  I've made three more Zip Pocket Pouches (pattern by Michelle's Patterns/KeykaLou).

These make great gifts for travelers, because the medium sized ones (the 2 on the right) hold everything you need when flying, with the convenience of a wristlet.  A passport and cellphone (including the new iPhone5's) fit easily in the slip pocket, and the zippered pocket holds your ID and cash and/or credit card to purchase that on-board snack.
The smaller one (black spirograph fabric on the left) doesn't quite hold the passport, but still works well for cellphones that are no taller than 4 1/2".
I made a test one for my daughter and everyone seemed to think it would function better with a wrist strap, so I've added that feature to these.

I bought another pattern from Michelle's Patterns last week (the day it was released, actually!) for her new Idea Pouch.  It's wonderful!  It holds a composition notebook or an iPad perfectly, and the optional pleated pocket on the front holds other accessories and has several pen and pencil slots.

I also made a plain one without the pleated pocket - just a plain sleeve.  (Don't ya just love my iPad mock-up? - It works if you don't have the real thing!)

I guess I've been on a roll, because next I decided to make some key fobs.  Nice to have on hand for those little gifts for friends and co-workers, and it's good to have something in every price range in my shop.  Everyone seems to be doing the key fobs with the little rectangular clampie thingie on the end, but I prefer to do mine this way.  I make my strap in a continuous loop so there's nothing to break or come loose, so the keys will always stay secure, then add both a D-ring and a split key ring.  The button is a decorative accent and holds the layers together.  There are several layers of fabric and interfacing, so it's firm, but not stiff.  Really feels comfortable on your wrist.

The New Jersey teachers that I'm delivering the laptop sleeves to next week will get a sneak peek at these items, then I'll list them on Etsy when I return.  Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  I haven't, but will have to get started soon!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. All of your items look well crafted and should sell very well. I like the fabrics you choose. The Michelle patterns also look like a nice source for a business such as yours. Good luck!



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