Friday, March 30, 2012

Color, Color, Color!

This stack of colorful "pies" & "crusts" shown in this previous post have now been transformed from this..., into this.
The blocks are now all up on my design wall and ready to be sewn together. The lighting here really doesn't do justice to the colors. They are so much brighter in person, but I can't really move my design wall outside just to get a good picture.
As much as I like my basement sewing studio, I still find myself dreaming about a bright sunlit space like this one. What kind of sewing space to you have? Bright & light above ground, or subterranean like mine?


  1. My mouth just made a loud "OOH" sound! That's pretty!!!!!

    My sewing area is a small, spare bedroom. It has two windows, so it gets a fair amount of light. I love it!

  2. Very pretty...all that color has to help make up for having your sewing space in the basement! ;o)

  3. Carol Taylor's studio is my dream sewing/quilting space! Right now I work in our finished basement. No natural light, but I love the room to spread out. Very nice circle quilt, Kathy!

  4. Your quilt is fun and cheerful.

    My sewing space is a spare bedroom about 12 x 12. It is cozy and works just fine for me. The only thing really missing for me is a design wall.

    I remember drooling over pictures of Carol Taylor's studio a few years ago - I really like the windows on the end and all of the natural light.


  5. Wow! I've never done curves in a quilt, Kathy, just armholes and collars. I'd love to learn someday. These colors are gorgeous.

  6. An eye-popping quilt, Kathy! I just saw a studio in Philadelphia--in an old industrial building that has been remade into artists' studios--and I have a serious case of studio envy.


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