Monday, October 13, 2014

Let There Be Light

If you're like me, you are always looking for ways to add more light to your work space.  My new Juki TL-2010Q has a new improved light over my previous model, the TL-98Q, but all the light is on the left side of the needle, which throws shadows to the right of the needle.  I don't like shadows...

From what I've found, all of the specialty add-on lights for sewing machines are expensive.  So this blog post by Lori at The Inbox Jaunt caught my eye... Lori shows us a clamp-on LED desk light she found at Lowes, on sale for under $20!  It looked familiar when I saw it, and I remembered that my husband has a Grill Light that looks very similar to Lori's find.

Sure enough, I tried it, and it works great!

It has a screw-clamp base that attachs firmly to my table, and it's also magnetic, if you have any exposed metal on your table, but the clamp works great for me.  And the flexible goose-neck allows me to position it right where I need it without getting in my way.  In fact, I realized after quilting for a short while, that I actually forget that it's there.  Whereas every other lamp I've tried always seemed to be in the way of my quilt.

This has lots of bright LED lights so it's bright and stays cool to the touch.  It takes 3 AA batteries, and so far, I haven't had to change them.  I'm still waiting to see how long they last, but that also eliminates the tangle of adding one more power cord to my table.

So far, I'm loving this light!  Hope my husband doesn't decide to grill after dark any time soon...


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  1. Well, if he does want to grill...I'd just tell him to hold a flash light and never let him near your sewing light...a Girl has to do what a Girl has to do!

    I have not seen sounds great!


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