Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to Replace the Lining in a Bag

This is my favorite bag.

You know, the bag that you use every day, that is "broken in" and soft in all the right places.
The bag that fits you like your favorite pair of old slippers.
The bag you want to last forever.

But, like most bags, the lining tore before the outside wore out.

I thought about making a new bag (afterall, I make bags to sell, right?).  But I have so many other projects started right now, and didn't really want to take the time to make a new purse, or shop for a new one, for that matter..  I have too many other things to do!

So then I thought, "why not make a new lining???".  Great idea!

You can do this too!  If you have basic bag-making skills, then it will be a cinch.  Even if you don't, there are tons of on-line tutorials and videos that will teach you the basics.

First you have to pick your fabric.  I detest the shiny black nylon you find lining most store-bought bags.  Besides the fact that it frays and tears so quickly, it's hard to see inside a bag with a black lining.  It's like looking into a dark cave with sunglasses on.  I can't see a darn thing...

I like to use BRIGHT, COLORFUL, LIGHT fabrics to line my bags, so I found a suitable one in my stash and got to work.  (Here's a sneak peek ahead at the end result.  Keep reading if you want to learn how to do this yourself!)

Here's How:

  • Open the seam in the bottom of the lining, then turn the entire bag inside-out through that opening.
  • Study how your bag was constructed, so you'll know how to put it back together.  (hint - you might want to take some closeup pictures to refresh your memory later!)
  • Remove the stitches that hold the lining to the bag and remove the lining.
  • Separate the front and back lining and press each one flat with a warm iron.
  • Using these pieces as pattern pieces, cut out your new lining from the fabric of your choice. (hint - if the seam allowances were narrow and/or frayed, you might want to add a little extra to compensate.  I could see the stitching lines on my old lining and cut my new lining pieces 1/2" beyond that stitching line, to give myself a 1/2" seam allowance to work with.)

  • If you want to add pockets to your lining, do it now.

I chose to duplicate the pockets that were in the original lining, because they worked well for me.  I already had the skills and knowledge of how to make these pockets, but if you need more instruction, just search on-line for "how to add pockets to a bag lining" and you'll find TONS of tutorials.

I put a zippered pocket on one side...

And a double compartment pocket on the other...

  • Sew the sides and bottom of your lining pieces together, just like the original was constructed, making sure to leave a good-sized opening in the bottom.  You'll need this in order to turn everything right side out when you're done.
  • With your bag still inside-out, sew the bag and the lining right-sides-together around the top, just like it was originally constructed.
  • Turn it all right-sides-out through the opening in the bottom of the lining.
  • Hand sew that opening closed, and you're done!


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