Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tasting Table Tuesday - Making Fabric

Progress continues on my Family Ties quilt(s).  After dissecting the ties last week, I'm now at the point where I've started cutting the pieces for the first quilt.  But the preparation of the ties is a long, slow process - I'm basically "making fabric" before I can start the quilt!

Neck ties are cut on the bias, and you'll generally find two seams somewhere along the length of the tie (sometimes only one), so I cut the seams off and separated each tie into 2 or 3 pieces.  I don't want those seams in my quilt blocks!

Then I cut strips of fusible interfacing (about 3 1/8" wide for this quilt) and fused them onto the back side of the tie pieces.

After the fusing was all done, I proceeded to trim each one down to the desired 3" width that I need for this quilt, then sub-cut each strip into 5" units.

My garbage bowl is filling up fast!  (Can you find Mickey Mouse in there?)

Now that the 3" x 5" cut units are stacking up, it's starting to feel like I'm finally making a quilt - not just making fabric.

But work in my Cotton Cellar will slow down for a few days as I take advantage of an opportunity to spend some time with our grandson next week.  He lives so far from us, that we don't get to see him very often, so this will be some real quality time.  But check back next Tuesday, because I'm sure I'll get a little something done between now and then - maybe not a lot, but I'll share my progress anyway.


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