Friday, September 14, 2012

Trip Report - Quilt Shops Review

I'm back from my shopping trip to Reading PA.  Found a few bargains and ran up my credit card bill a little, but not too bad this time.  We stopped at Ladyfingers Sewing Studio in Oley on the way down, and found lots of great fabric.  I didn't price every bolt in the shop, but I bought several pieces and all of them were priced less than $8 per yard.  And they have a basket full of "fat scraps" that are slightly undersized fat quarters that are all $1 each!  I don't know about all of them, but the ones I bought aren't more than a quarter inch small, if that!  Great bargain if you don't need an exact fat quarter.
And Bob was really nice and helpful.  Good prices and good service - what more can you ask for!  I'll definitely stop there again to stock up next time I'm in the area - worth the trip!

We found another quilt shop on our way home - Rose of Sharin' in Danville.  It's a very nice little shop right on the main street in downtown Danville.  The people were very warm and friendly and made us feel right at home.  They have a good selection, and a great little remnant room in the back.  Ran up the balance on my credit card a little more here too.  :)

Now for the funny part of our trip...  One of the "must do" stops each year is JoAnns Fabrics.  We always take our coupons with us and stock up on notions, interfacing, and whatever else is on our list.  Well, this year we drove into the parking lot and found NO JoAnns!  The building was vacant with a "for rent" sign in the window!  Can't be!!!  We've got coupons to use!  So we went to the other stores on our list, then drove to the hotel to check in to our room before dinner.  Guess what we could see from our room?
Do you see what I see???  I zoomed in to take the picture, but we were within walking distance if it weren't for the traffic!  We had a good laugh over that one, and of course, stopped to check out their new location and use our coupons.  So we had a fun girls trip and are looking forward to next year...


  1. Hahahahaha! Lucky you! I love trips like that. I used to love it when we'd drive to Illinois from TN. I'd make hubby stop in Paducah and stroll the remnant bin at Hancock's (mecca). Loved getting current stuff for 1/2 price!

  2. Sounds like it was a great trip!


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