Friday, September 7, 2012

New Laptop Sleeve

My daughter asked me to make a sleeve for her new laptop computer.  It seemed like a simple enough project that I could probably design something myself, but then I saw this pattern and thought "Why reinvent the wheel?".  Michelle (also known as KeykaLou) had already designed a very nice looking sleeve and for just a few dollars I could have  her pattern downloaded in a matter of minutes and save myself tons of time.  I'm so glad I did, because I really like the looks of this sleeve.  As usual, Michelle's pattern is easy to follow, and very stylish.  I've used several of her patterns, and haven't been disappointed yet.

The pattern is designed for a 13" MacBook Pro, but will fit a variety of brands as long as the dimensions are close in size.  I love the dart detail in the corners - makes it lay nice and flat so it's easy to insert the computer into the sleeve.  I used fabrics from Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2 collection - Damask for the outside, and Lodge Lattice for the lining.  Now I just have to drop this in the mail, and hope my daughter likes it!
I'm thinking about making some of these to list in my Etsy Shop - do you think they'd sell???


  1. It's beautiful, Kathy. I love the fabric and the attention to details.

    I'm sure these would sell, not just as laptop cases but scaled down for iPad and Kindle covers too. I get lots of comments on the iPad cover (similar design) that I made last year and have had many requests to make them.

  2. That is lovely....and fun for your laptop too :)


  3. Looks beautiful! I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern. :0]


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