Sunday, July 8, 2012


My scrap bowl runneth over.  I bought a set of these stainless steel IKEA bowls at a yard sale a few weeks ago and one of them has been on my sewing table ever since.  Rachael Ray uses a garbage bowl when she cooks, so why can't I use a scrap bowl when I sew!  I drop all my snippets, scraps, trimmings, threads, etc. into it while I'm working.  This time it's full of paper bits that I've been tearing off my Haberdashery quilt.  And yes, there's the occasional candy wrapper in there too (salt water taffy wrapper is buried in there somewhere).  There are 35 blocks and I've timed myself - it takes 30 minutes per block to remove the paper.  Now the question is - can I get it done in time for our Quilt Guild's show in September?  We'll see...  this is one time-consuming quilt, that's for sure!
I've also got some crocheting going on in another bowl...
And there's nothing like a big bowl of fresh cherries this time of year.  Yum!!!  Especially with a nice glass of Shiraz!!!  Think I'll go have a little of both!  Cheers!

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  1. I also have cherries and knitting in bowls, but I never thought of putting one on my sewing table for scraps and snippets! Great idea!


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