Friday, February 3, 2012

My Reward

I promised myself that I wouldn't start another sewing project until I finished all of my bookwork for our income tax return. It's a chore that I really hate, so I promised myself a treat when I got it done. This is it - aren't these color swatches just yummy? I've been planning a new quilt on EQ for about a week now and after about 20-some-odd versions, I've finally decided on a layout that I love. And no - you can't see the layout yet - you'll have to wait and come back in a few days for that - the swatches are just a tease! :)

Do you plan your quilts on EQ? I really like how I can search out my specific fabrics on the internet and save the swatches into EQ, so that I can see my actual fabric choices in the planning phase. These solids are from Maywood Studios and the selvedge says "Basically Beautiful" (very appropriate, I might add!) but they are coordinates to their Dandelion Daydreams collection. They have a very slight sheen to them and the colors are so soft, yet rich. I fell in love with them when I first saw them at my LQS, but couldn't decide what to do with them until now. The batik shown with them is a perfect match to these colors, and it's one I found in my stash. I think it's a Splatter Dot by Hoffman.

I just finished cutting this afternoon and might even start sewing the blocks tonight.

So glad my tax work is done! I love rewards - and this one is almost as good as a glass of red wine and some dark chocolate - maybe even better!!!

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  1. I can't wait to see your layout...the fabrics are beautiful.



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