Saturday, January 28, 2012

Personal Day

After all the work I've done lately to get this blog up and running, plus start my new Etsy Shop, I decided it was time to take a couple of "Personal Days". Although I love all the sewing I do, it's especially satisfying to make personal things for my friends & family.
Yesterday I finished a laminated cotton Rain Cape for a friend's little daughter (sorry, forgot to take a pic before I mailed it), and today I made this Bucket Hat for my grandson. And no - that's not him under the hat - that's my selvedge jar :) He's already outgrown all the other hats I've made for him and he lives in Florida so a sunhat that fits is a must! Both were made with patterns from this book by Oliver + S. It's full of lots of great sewing patterns for children's items and I highly recommend it.

Warning! If you're the mother of my grand-daughter and you want to be surprised at her 1st birthday party then don't read any further - stop now!

OK - now that she's gone, I'll show you my latest project. I found this pattern from The Purl Bee for the cutest little penguins. They'll be just perfect for the aforementioned birthday party! So tonight I cut out all the pieces and tomorrow I'll start sewing them together. I'm not one to usually make stuffed animals, but I just couldn't resist these ones. They're so stinkin' cute!!!


  1. My granddaughter will be here this coming Thursday to celebrate her 1st birthday with us. They do not live close by and will be flying. I am so excited!

    I love the penguins you are making. So cute! I am making frogs for my two grands! Have fun! Your etsy is looking good. :0)

  2. Love Oliver & S....the hat is too stinkin cute too!


  3. They ARE cute, Kathy. And so's the hat. Make sure to take pics when it's on the lil' guy's head. :-)

    XO Diane


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