Saturday, August 8, 2015

Quilters and Gardeners

Are you a Quilter and a Gardener?  From what I read, there are lots of you out there.  The two hobbies seem to go hand in hand.  Quilters like to garden, and Gardeners like to quilt.
Not me...
As much as I admire beautiful flowers and gardens, I just don't have a green thumb.  Everything I plant seems to die... don't know why...  it's just not my thing.

But my mother grew GORGEOUS hydrangeas!

I, apparently, did not inherit the green thumb gene.

After Mom died in March, and I realized that Dad would be putting the house up for sale, it occurred to me that I might never see those beautiful shrubs again.  So I took a cutting from each plant, with the thoughts of sharing them with my daughter, hoping to see Mom's hydrangeas blooming once again in our home gardens.

I took 5 cuttings, put them in a pot, and am happy to report that all 5 took root!
I spent two hours this afternoon planting 3 for me, and will pass the other 2 on to my daughter next week.

Two hours to plant 3 cuttings, you say???  Well, I was determined to do everything right, so I googled and googled and googled how to do this.  I dug and dug and dug before I added everything you might imagine to amend my soil.  Removed stones and rocks and weeds.  And this was after walking the entire property to find just "the right" spot...  Finally, they are in the ground and watered.

If my hydrangeas are half as pretty as Mom's I'll be happy.
If they don't grow, I'm going to throw in my gardening gloves for good.
If you have any connections with Mother Nature, please put in a good word for me...  on Mom's behalf.


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