Saturday, August 1, 2015

Making Cherrywood Fabric

In 2008, I made this quilt called Cherrywood Checkers.  I had been to my first major quilt show in Lancaster PA, and absolutely fell in love with Cherrywood fabrics.  My budget was pretty tight at the time, and I didn't have a project in mind, so I treated myself to a little bag of Cherrywood scraps.  Lots of little bits in lots of luscious colors.  The perfect indulgence!!!

Then I found this pattern in a magazine (sorry, it's been too many years to remember which one) and decided that it was just the right project to use all those scraps.  I still use the quilt today, and have it draped over my sofa to curl up under on cool evenings.

These fabrics were very precious to me, so when I finished the quilt, I couldn't bear to throw away even the smallest scrap.  I tucked all the leftovers into a small ziplock bag to use "someday".  That was 7 years ago...

Then I learned how to "make fabric" in Pat Sloan's workshop that I took a couple of weeks ago.  So this weekend I found that old bag of scraps buried under even more scraps, and made more fabric!

I started with this small pile of bits...

And ended up with over 4 yards of this piano key border...

And this patchwork panel...

And I still have all of these little bits left to make MORE fabric!!!

I don't know what I'm going to make yet, but at least I have some great new fabric to work with!


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