Sunday, September 21, 2014

Featherweight Tote from Selvages

Earlier this year, I made a tote bag to carry the extension table for my Singer Featherweight 221, using selvages to make the fabric.  If you missed that post, you can link back here.

Ever since then, I've planned to make a matching tote bag for the Featherweight too.  You see, I just don't quite trust the carry handle on the top of the case.  It's probably fine, but I'm always worried it will break as I'm carrying it, and I certainly don't want to drop the machine!

So I made this little tote bag, and purposely made it so it doesn't cover the hinges or latches, so that it can stay on the machine case at all times.  The webbing straps go all the way under the case in one long continuous piece, so the straps are actually whats carrying the load, not the fabric.
I used the same technique that I used for the extension table bag, selvages stitched to a foundation of duck cloth and fusible fleece.
Here is the extension table bag...
Now I have a matched set, and just in time - because next week is Quilter's Retreat!!!



  1. How will really get the fun comments when you go to retreat. As always....your work is beautiful.


  2. LOokie there! I love it! Pure ingenuity!!!!

  3. What a great idea for both items! Nicely done!

  4. Wondering if you used a pattern...I so need one of featherweight case handles are broken....

    1. No, I didn’t use a pattern. But it’s basically just a boxed corner tote bag, custom fit for the featherweight case. There are probably lots of tutorials out there for a basic tote. Hope that helps!

    2. I found some information for you Billie and sent it to you in a message via Etsy. Hope it helps!


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