Sunday, March 2, 2014

Men's Shirt to Toddler Dress

As promised, here is one of the grand-children projects I've been working on lately...  I've seen these dresses all over Pinterest that are made from re-purposed men's shirts.  I've used men's oxford cloth shirts for quilts and love the fabrics, so I just knew this was something I needed to try.

I found several tutorials, including this one, and after researching them all, ended up doing my own thing... as usual.
I already had some old patterns on hand from when my daughter was a toddler, so I combined a peasant shirt pattern with a dress pattern and came up with a pattern for a peasant dress that I thought would work.
I used a pink and white striped Ralph Lauren oxford shirt that I picked up for a few dollars at Goodwill, and cut it so the logo still shows on the dress.  I modified the directions for the elasticized waist shown on this tutorial, using leftover fabric from the pressing table I made a few weeks ago.
Then I finished it off by making a pair of hair bows using this free pattern by Oliver + S.
Now I just have to wait until Miss R tries it on for size, then I'm ready to make some more!  I picked up a nice stash of men's shirts at Goodwill and can't wait to see how they turn out!


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