Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tasting Table Tuesday

Wow - it's been ages since I've posted anything!  Where have the last few weeks gone?  The Sew Mama Sew! Giveaway Day was lots of fun again this year.  I loved reading everyone's comments, telling me what color combination they're into right now.  So many great combinations!  I'd love to make a purse using every one of them, but I'll have to pick one to start with for now...

But there hasn't been any purse-making going on lately - or quilting, for that matter.  I've been totally consumed with a large custom order for something I don't normally make...  A set of custom bedding, including a queen-sized duvet cover, bed skirt, pillow shams, and accent pillows.  My mother ran her own interior design business and made these items on a regular basis, so I had a good teacher, but haven't made any of these items in about 20 years.  But it's all turned out fine, and everything will be ready for pick-up by tomorrow.

I'm also in the middle of planning a 60th wedding anniversary celebration for my parents.  I have 3 brothers, and we're all working together to pull off a fantastic party next month, so that's taken much of my time lately as well.  I'll post some pictures of the event later in June.  I'm so excited about this - it's like planning a wedding reception all over again, and I just love this kind of stuff!

So - life is busy - as usual...  so that explains the lack of posts lately, and I'll try to have some pictures to add next time.


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  1. Seems like we've all been quite busy lately. It will all come back with time. Enjoy planning the party!


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