Wednesday, May 22, 2013

PA State Shop Hop

There's a Shop Hop coming up this summer!  It's called the PA Row-by-Row Shop Hop, and my local quilt shop, Needles Quilt Shop, is on the list.  Each participating shop in the state of PA gives you a pattern for their "row", and it runs from July 1st thru Sept. 2nd.  And there are prizes involved, so be sure to check it out!

As a volunteer for Needles, I designed and pieced this "Row" for the event.
I've called it "Laurel in the Mountains".  The theme for this event is Fairs & Festivals, so the inspiration for our row should come from a local fair or festival.  Every June, the town of Wellsboro hosts the PA State Laurel Festival, so that was the obvious inspiration for this row.  I've finished the sample row, but still have to create the pattern - but I've got some time yet, since it doesn't start until the beginning of July...

Follow along on the Shop Hop's Facebook page to see all the great rows being offered at the quilt shops throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  You'll find all the details there as they develop over the next month.



  1. OOh, fun! That's cute! Love the pinwheels. A row-along. Beats a block hop. Makes it easier to get the quilt done.


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