Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tasting Table Tuesday - Brrrrrrr!!!

It's so cold here in Northern PA today.  Light snow is falling along with the temperatures.  And it's supposed to get even colder tomorrow.  So I'm hunkered down in my Cotton Cellar and getting lots accomplished.
I've got my backing fabric sewn and pressed for the two quilts I worked on at retreat, so they're both ready for basting.
The honey bee fabric I've picked for the back of the Pinwheel quilt is so cute!  It's called Cherish Nature by Deb Strain.
Have you ever been reluctant to use a favorite fabric?  That's the case with this gorgeous white & gray Echo print by Lotta Jansdotter.  I've been hoarding it for months and I cringe every time I think about cutting into it.  So it took some guts, but I finally cut a chunk off for the back of my Chevron quilt.  I think I still have about a yard leftover so I can still have some to look at any time I want.  I just love it and it's perfect for this quilt!  (one of my New Year's Resolutions - stop hoarding and start using!)
My daughter asked me if I'd like to donate some items to their PTO fund-raiser this spring, so I whipped up a couple of wristlets with my Zip Pocket Pouch pattern by Michele's Patterns.  I've made lots of these and really like the design - especially with the addition of the wrist strap.

I also made two more Flex-Frame Gadget Pouches this week.  One was a custom Etsy order, and I'll list the other one in my shop, or maybe donate it to the PTO as well...  not sure yet.
I've also been crocheting some new neckwarmers to list in my shop.  They've been quite popular and I'm down to only one left in inventory, so it's time to make some more.  These ones are ready for the quilted buttons.  I really enjoy digging through my batik scraps to pick out just the right fabric to make into a quilted button for these scarves.  I like to pick a fabric that really pops on the scarf, then add some free-motion quilting, so it ends up looking like a special piece of custom jewelry.

This one isn't quite done yet - but almost!

So that's what is on my Tasting Table Today.  And I've still got one more fun, BIG, project coming up that I can't wait to share with you.  I might have something ready to show you next week if my schedule goes as planned...  What are you working on today?


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  1. Love your quilts....and the colors are very fun.

    I'm also working on using up my stash and it appears the stash of my friends as well...LOL. Needed some binding so I swapped with a friend...it worked out well.



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