Saturday, January 5, 2013


Next weekend I'm finally going on my VERY FIRST QUILTING RETREAT with a bunch of my friends!!!  Yeah!
My list of what to take is growing by the minute.  So many ideas of things to work on - what to pick...  hmmm...
I'm sure I'll take way more stuff than I'll actually need, since I've never done this before.  But I'd rather take too much than run out of things to work on.

I've volunteered to cook breakfast one morning for the group (about 10).  I'm thinking of one of those "mix-it-up-the-night-before-and-bake-it-in-the-morning" kind of things.  If anyone has a favorite recipe they'd like to share, I'd sure appreciate it!  Thanks!


  1. I'm so jealous! I want to come too. Check Pinterest sites for breakfast recipes. Karen over at Yellow Farmhouse blog, might have something available.

  2. Try looking on They have a ton of make-it-the-night-before breakfast casseroles. All of us like salsa on our casseroles, so make sure you getr a jar to take with.

    Seriously, your are going to have so much fun and will come away aglow with the joys of sewing and friendship. Enjoy!!

  3. My favorite is the Eggs benedict casserole from Taste of Home

    Hint: use the packaged sauce mix to make it lickety split.

    Have fun! I'd so love to go on a retreat! Someday soon!


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