Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tasting Table Tuesday - Toddler Style

Happy Hour each afternoon now consists of sippy cups and Goldfish crackers, otherwise known as "fishies" if you're 18 months old...  I'm spending a few days babysitting in NJ while my daughter gets her 3rd grade classroom ready for the new school year.  We're having a wonderful time and I'm still able to get a little sewing done while she naps in the afternoons.  I finished one project yesterday and my helper is assisting me with the fabric selection for today's project.  I'd show you what I'm making, but it involves a birthday gift for my DIL and she follows my blog, so it will have to wait a couple more days.  I'll share the end result with you later in the week.
OK Blogger - I give up...  I've been trying all day to post a picture to go along with today's post and it won't cooperate.  So I'm publishing it now without the picture, and if Blogger decides to be nice later, I'll update it with the picture.
I just got home from NJ this morning, and now my desktop computer will allow me to upload a picture, but my laptop would not.  If anyone has any knowledge about this problem, I'd love to hear from you.  Even at home, with my laptop connected through the same router/modem as my desktop, the laptop wouldn't let me upload a picture...
Tomorrow I'll share pictures of what I made out of all these scraps, so be sure to stop by!  Cheers!

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