Friday, August 24, 2012

Tasting Table - Friday???

I'm late...  I was away last week and intended to post on Tuesday, as usual, but just realized I forgot all about it!  Anyway, there's something new on my Tasting Table that I'm really excited about.  Awhile back, I bought this gorgeous Jelly Roll of grey Puttin' on the Ritz fabric, just because I loved it.  Grey and Cream is such an elegant combination and I thought it would make a really amazing baby quilt.  I've been staring at it for ages, and finally decided to cut into it last week.  I chopped it all up into 4 1/2" long pieces, then arranged them in a really simple layout - so easy!!!  I saw a quilt laid out like this somewhere on the internet (sorry, don't remember where) so I got to work on EQ and drew it up.  The jelly roll is heavier in greys than creams, but I was able to make a 40" x 48" quilt and you can see how many "bricks" I still have left over for a future quilt.  The pale blue you see on the left is my backing fabric.  I found it at Enchanted Mountain Quilt Shop in Olean NY, and the cream & grey rings on it match the jelly roll fabrics perfectly.  Can't wait to see this one finished!  It will be listed in my Etsy shop when it's done.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Cheers!

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