Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tasting Table Tuesday - at Needles!

I was working at a different Tasting Table today.  I'm helping out at Needles Quilt Shop for most of the week, and it's almost like going to a quilting retreat - in between customers, Katie and I can visit, sew, chat, sew, have lunch together, sew, and even run across the street for ice cream whenever we feel like it - cappuccino crunch - ummmm!!!  Katie is working on a shop sample quilt using Walnut Hill Farm by Charlotte Lyons for Blend Fabrics.  It's a really nostalgic looking piece that she's piecing as one full panel, with borders - it would make a great tablecloth, or maybe a vintage-looking "I Spy" quilt for little ones.
And I'm busy making another shop sample.  It's a baby quilt using a pattern I designed for the shop last year.  I spent today working on the half-square triangles for the pinwheel blocks, which I hope to assemble tomorrow.  I'll post a finished picture when it's done, with more information about the pattern at that time.
I've made some good progress with the two oxford shirt quilts I started last week, but since I'll be at the shop all week, my home projects will only get worked on in the evenings, so this week will be a little slower going than normal.  But I finished piecing both quilts before we left for a weekend away, and I got one of them basted last night.  I REALLY, REALLY love my basting wall.  I know I've raved about this before, but it feels so good to be able to baste an entire quilt without having to get on my knees!  (sorry for the dull colors on this one, but I took it late last night and didn't take the time to "tweak" it before posting.)
 I'm so happy with the batik fabric chosen to go with these shirt fabrics (thanks for spotting it Sue!)  It's just the perfect shade of dusty lavender that compliments the shirtings, while still providing a little contrast.  I bought it on a recent trip to Ithaca NY, at Homespun Boutique, and I only bought enough for this one quilt, yet I still have lots of these shirt fabrics left.  Why, Why, Why - didn't I buy more???  I've been thinking about it for days and finally mailed a swatch to the shop to see if they have any more of it that they can ship to me.  Knowing my luck, it will be gone, because there wasn't much left on the bolt, but I've got my fingers crossed.  One of these days I might learn my lesson - ALWAYS buy more than you think you need!
So that's what's new on my Tasting Table this week.  What's on yours???

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  1. ooh, it is coming along nicely! I clicked back to see your basting board. What a stellar idea! Love it! That's something I can manage!


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