Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dickens of a Christmas in Wellsboro PA

Yesterday Wellsboro hosted their annual Dickens of a Christmas festival, where Main Street is closed to traffic and goes back in time to celebrate an old-fashioned Victorian Christmas. People come from far and wide, dressed in period costume, to join in the festivities. You'll find street vendors selling crafts and foods of all kinds, carolers singing, actors performing, and lots of visitors. Of course, these visitors spill over into the shops, creating the busiest day of the year for our local quilt shop. There are a few of us that volunteer our time each year to help out in the shop. This year I had hoped to take pictures throughout the day to post here, but discovered early on that the camera battery I thought was fully charged, was actually almost dead. So the only pics I got were first thing in the day before things really got busy. But at least I got a few, and you can get a peek at this wonderful shop. If you're ever in the Wellsboro area, be sure to stop in and visit Mary & Katie at Needles Quilt Shop. It's such a fun place to shop, and you'll have a wonderful time - I promise!

Here Mary is ringing up a sale (sorry Mary, but the sun was pouring in the front window and it's hard to see you there) and Katie is in red, on the right (eating popcorn, not yawning... gotta keep our strength up!)

Their shop is overflowing with gorgeous fabrics, and the wall are lined with sample quilts all around. (that's Katie on the left this time)And here is a fellow volunteer, Ann - at the cutting table. (sorry I missed pics of Dori & Pat - blame my battery again...)

And this is a view outside the front door of Needles, looking north. Still early in the day and the crowds are just getting started. Within another half hour the streets were overflowing!

And here's a view looking south. Still wish I could have gotten more shots of the crowds and some of the Victorian Costumes they wore. I'll make sure I have a fresh battery next year.

Hope you enjoyed your tour! Here's to a happy start to the 2011 Holiday Season!


  1. Sounds like a good day for the downtown retailers. it's so nice to see "Main Streets" doing good business!

  2. What a great day at Needles Quilt Shop! In truth, we are exhausted preparing for this weekend. But once the day arrives, we are truly in the spirit and pumped with the adrenalin of the season. I am so grateful to our wonderful, patient volunteers, Kathy, Ann, Dori, and Pat for pitching in on this big day. I don't know how we would do it without you!

  3. Great pictures,Kathy! I didn't get out of the Gmeiner all day so I just heard stories of the crowds, but the weather certainly cooperated.

  4. Needles Quilt Shop and Dickens weekend are what make Wellsboro special!


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