Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two Turtle Pouches

I've been very busy sewing Christmas projects, so there hasn't been much that I could share with you lately, but I'm almost caught up now, so I took a day off and made two more Flex-Frame Gadget/iPhone Pouches. The last one I made with the turtle stitching was so popular, that I was asked to make another one. If I'm going to make one, then I might as well make two, so here you go - Two Turtle Pouches. One is reserved, but the other will go on sale at Needles Quilt Shop tomorrow. Now, how can I make one with a Partridge In A Pear Tree... hmm...


  1. These are so incredibly cute! I must remember to use the amazing decorative stitches in my Pfaff to more useful effect.

  2. How cute, Kathy. Embroidery machine? :-)



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