Saturday, November 12, 2011

Six Weeks till Christmas!

Two more Christmas projects finished today! Wish I could show them to you but they're secret for now - maybe after the holidays.

So for now, here's a peek at some more purses I've made. Some of these are still available, in case you want to put a bug in Santa's ear...
These are all clutches made with Keyka Lou patterns. The tiny one on the upper left is a Keychain Clutch that fits my Jitterbug phone perfectly. The upper right is the small Curvy Clutch, the two on the bottom left are mediums, and the bottom right is the large. The tiny one has a split key ring, and the others all have detachable wrist straps.
These are two more Nicole Mallalieu designs. I just love her patterns and use them often. The Day Bag pattern I posted yesterday is probably my favorite - very basic, and just the right size. But these two are dressy little numbers, just perfect for the holiday season. The top one is her Clutch pattern, done in a simple, contemporary fabric, with a beaded embellishment in the center. The wrist strap is detachable if you prefer a plain clutch. The bottom one is her Evening Bag pattern, done in a pastel batik fabric, with a lavender dupioni silk lining and handles. The handles have boning inside so they keep their shape. I've embellished the outside of this one with tiny seed beads, all hand sewn in place.

Maybe I'll post about some quilts next time... Hope you're enjoying today's sunshine as much as I am! Cheers!


  1. HI Kathy!
    Your bags are wonderful! Welcome to blogging; it's addictive.
    Oh Anya said to tell you she sent me ;)

  2. Hi Kathy and welcome to the blog world. I am a bag lady from way back and making these are an addicting craft. Your bags are wonderful and I wish you much success.

  3. Your bags are excellent. I do think they'd make great Christmas gifts too.


  4. Welcome to blogging! Susan sent me your way and I'm glad she did!

  5. Hello, and welcome to BlogWorld! I like what I've seen so far....those bags and clutches are grabalicious!

  6. Welcome to blog land! Lovely stuff, can't wait to see what else you get up to :)


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