Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Neptune & Kona Ash – a new blend is fermenting…

First of all, a huge “Thank You” for the warm welcome you’ve all given me in blog-land! Word is getting out and I’m starting to meet people from all over – what fun this will be!
I promised a quilt in my next post, so here goes.
This one has been rolling around in my mind (a little fermenting going on here in my Cotton Cellar!) for several months now, and with the end of my Christmas project list in sight, I’m getting anxious to start working on this one – hopefully soon! Last year I made a quilt using fabrics from Moda’s Neptune collection by Tula Pink that called for really large flying geese. I used the “squares-in-the-corners” construction method, which normally creates a lot of wasted fabric. So before I trimmed off the excess triangles, I sewed a second diagonal seam a half-inch away from the first one, then cut between the seams, creating a half-square triangle that’s all ready to use in another quilt.
Then I sewed the HST’s together in pairs to create hourglass blocks. Voila – instant quilt blocks and I only had to cut for one quilt!
I’ve drawn the layout on my computer and done all the math, so now I just need to cut all the solid Kona Ash that I’ve chosen for my background. I’m really excited about the layout! If it turns out the way I hope, it should look awesome. I even have enough blocks to make two quilts about 48” square (twins anyone?) but I’ll start with one and see how it looks… It might be a while before I get to this, but I’ll keep you posted on my progress…


  1. Hey, I think I have a few of those selvages in my selvage basket! I like what you have started!

  2. I can't wait to see what becomes of your hourglass blocks!


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