Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas Quilt Final Reveal

It's done!  The first king-sized quilt I've quilted on my APQS George!  This quilt was so satisfying to work on.  I like to try different techniques on each quilt, and I sure got a lot of practice hours in on this one!

I used a free-hand all-over holly leaf design in the center of this one, but followed a diagonal grid versus the random meandering holly leaf design I used in the previous Christmas quilt (here).  I didn't count them all, but that's a lot of holly leaves.
I used a twisted rope design in the inner border, and straight lines/piano keys in the outer border.

Thanks to the Quilt Suspension System I installed, this 104" square quilt was a joy to work on.

I used a pattern called Wander Through the Woods by Hope Nelson, but I enlarged both the size and number of the trees and added borders to scale it up to a king size.

So that is the last of the quilts I committed to finishing before Christmas.  Now I can enjoy the season and start a new project.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Awesome job Kathy. Your daughter will love it.

  2. Gorgeous! I love the addition of the borders, and the quilting is superb!

    1. Thank you Hope! I love your pattern and really enjoyed making this quilt.

    2. I'm so glad. Your quilt is wonderful, a real treat for me to see.

  3. Beautiful. What is the quilt pattern?

  4. Thanks Cathie. It’s called Wander Through the Woods by Hope Nelson.

  5. Thank you! It on my list to make after the first of the year


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