Wednesday, January 6, 2016

In The Mood

I've got my mojo back.  I admit, this was an emotional holiday season.  It was the first Christmas without my Mom, and one of my closest friends passed away 10 days before Christmas.  But now it's a new year, and I'm forging ahead with lots of new ideas.

I was busy pin basting a quilt today...

...when it occurred to me - I know what I've been missing...

The battery in my bluetooth speaker died in December and I had misplaced my charging cord.  (Well, not really misplaced, I just hadn't taken the time to go look for it.)  My dear husband found it (in my sewing room, no less... ) and brought it upstairs for me.
Once I turned my music on, my quilting MOJO returned. 

 Now I'm In The Mood...

Do you listen to music when you sew?


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  1. I don't listen to music when I'm sewing at the machine but I do listen to public radio and it's amazing the stuff that I've learned! When I'm hand stitching I often like to have my tunes going. Nice quilt! Glad your MoJo is back.


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