Friday, March 13, 2015

Ohio Star Quilt

I have a new quilt to make for a customer, and they requested traditional reproduction fabrics, with a strong emphasis on purple, along with various other assorted colors.  Sometimes, reproduction fabrics are a little more muted in color, but they want a COLORFUL quilt, so I did my best to select rich, saturated colors from the gorgeous collection of reproduction fabrics at Needles Quilt Shop.

Several hours later, (with lots of help and input from my friends), I finally came up with this bundle.  The client loves it, so now I'm dying to cut into this and start the quilt!  It will be a combination of Ohio Star blocks and Shoo-Fly blocks.  I will try to post some progress pictures along the way, so check back soon!



  1. I'm drooling over those colorful repros! Omg, that is going to be one gorgeous quilt!


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