Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Christmas Baby

That's right!  Little Miss Sydney decided to make her appearance early Christmas morning, five days earlier than expected.  Another granddaughter - the best Christmas gift ever!

I spent a week with them, and had lots of fun with her big sister, Rory, while Sydney and her mom tried to catch up on their sleep.  Of course, I had to squeeze in a little sewing time while I was there, and made this car seat cover to keep the wind and snow off while carrying her to and from the car.

I raided my daughter's fabric stash and came up with a piece of gray minky for the underside and a polka dot print for the top.  Great match for the red and gray carseat.

I used this tutorial, and it worked great.  Easy to follow, and fit the car seat just right.  I love the little peek-a-boo window in the front...  and so did Rory...  She had to squeeze herself into the car seat and try it out for herself.  A tight fit for an almost four-year-old, but she made it!!

And of course, Sydney got to try it out for size too...

Now I'm home, and it's back to reality again...  Hope to update you with some quilting progress soon.

Cheers!  And Happy New Year!


  1. What beautiful little darlings. What a lucky grandma you are!

  2. Congratulations! The Best Christmas fit for sure!! I usually don't give advice but if I may this one time … I also have a birthday on Christmas ( I love it! ) my parents always kept my birthday separate and special from the Christmas Day festivities. The morning and mid day was all about Christmas … special breakfast presents big beautiful dinner … and later in the late afternoon early evening that time was set aside for a special birthday celebration with songs, cake and a more presents! That is my advice - keep the two celebrations separate and special and your new little grand daughter will grow up and love her special birthday as much I as love mine!
    My very best wishes to all of you!


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