Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Finished Circle Quilt

There are two fun events coming up at my local quilt shop!  First is the "Fabulous Four Fat Quarter Tour", a week-long shop hop that includes four quilt shops in this part of the Pennsylvania countryside, from June 7-14.  The participants will collect fabrics at each shop, and each shop will offer a pattern that can be used with those fabrics.  This is the quilt that I designed and made for Needles Quilt Shop.

I really enjoyed quilting this one.  As many of you know, straight-line quilting on my domestic machine is my favorite style of quilting - but it HAS to be straight.  Crooked lines drive me crazy (unless they're supposed to be crooked, or course...).  I didn't want to mark the lines if I didn't need to, yet some of these lines were to long to stitch by eye, or use a ruler.  Blue Painter's Tape to the rescue!  I just stuck it down, from point to point, then stitched right next to the tape.  I could peel it off and move it several times before it would lose it's stick and need to be replaced.  It worked like a charm.  Blue Painter's Tape is my new best friend!

Now I can't wait to see what the other three shops have come up with!  Check in with Tracy at Needles for all the details about this shop hop and join the fun!

The second event that's coming up is the PA State Row by Row Shop Hop.  It's a HUGE shop-hop throughout Pennsylvania, as well as many other states.  It starts July 1st and runs through Labor Day.
Here is the row that I designed and made for Needles this year.  The theme for the festival is "Seasons", and Tracy chose summer, so here is "Summer Sailing".


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  1. I saw both of these projects in person when I was at Needles on Thursday...they are both wonderful! Good job!


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