Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Trying To Stay Warm

It was 9 degrees BELOW zero when I got up this morning!  It's a good day to have a big quilt in your lap to bind!
I've been working on several projects as we start into 2014 - hope my momentum continues throughout the year.
After finishing a custom order for a large Buttercup Bag... 
I started preparing for my upcoming Quilting Retreat.  What a great time of year to hunker down for a few days of some serious sewing, laughing, eating and bonding with some great friends in a warm and cozy place.
I have wanted to make on of these pressing tables for ages, so I finally took the plunge and got 'er done!  I'm sure it will get well used in the next few days!
Of course, I've got to have a project to work on...  The Scrappy Trip-Around-The-World quilt has been on my list for a while now, so I spent some time cutting 288 strips (no two alike).
They are now all sorted into stacks of 6 strips, to make 48 blocks like this one...
This will be MY quilt, to use on my bed at our Retreat.  I love the fact that I can identify every fabric in the quilt and remember what I made with each.  Now to see how far I get this weekend...  My goal is to make all the blocks, but we'll see....  As I'm warm and with friends, I'll be happy.


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  1. The cold has been horrible, hasn't it? (Not that I understand Fahrenheit at all, but that makes trying to understand the weather forecast that much more interesting). Live the pressing table and the beginnings if new quilts - looking forward to seeing what you make from them!


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