Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tasting Table Tuesday - one of those days...

It's going to be one of those days... I can already tell...

First of all, I woke up this morning thinking about what I might write for my Tasting Table Tuesday post today, when I suddenly realized it's Wednesday! What happened to Tuesday??? Once again, I'm a day late.

So I got up and poured my cup of coffee, then discoverd my husband heading for the basement with buckets and a pipe wrench. Not a good sign - the drain line from the bathroom sink & tub was plugged. Needless to say, my coffee got cold, and half an hour later, wet & dirty, we (mostly he) had it fixed. I was just the bucket holder.

I was planning on getting an early (well, earlier than normal maybe) start on my sewing today. So much for that! Hopefully the rest of the day will go better, or I'll be drinking my evening glass of wine for lunch!

So - what's on my Tasting Table on Wednesday? Lots of odds and ends, but nothing worthy of photographs just yet. I altered a prom dress on Monday, and yesterday I started "growing" a quilt. A little girls quilt is too small for her new big bed, so I'm removing the binding, adding another border, quilting the border, then re-binding it. I've never tried this before, but found an excellent video here. Looks pretty easy, and I hope to finish it today, or tomorrow.

So, without any pictures of my own to post today, I decided to share something I found on Etsy yesterday. One of my Gadget Pouches was featured in an Etsy Treasury List and one of the other featured artists caught my eye.Patti draws one piece a day, and they are all little drawings on tea bags! Amazing, and so unique! You can check out Missouri Bend Musings by clicking here. Hmmm - I'm starting to see a pattern here - last week's post was about Zentangle drawings, now drawing on tea bags - my "inner-artist-self" who used to whisper in my ear from time to time is finding her voice!

Now I'm off to sew those quilt borders. Hope your day goes better than mine started! :)


  1. Being bucket holder is the most important job! Hugs!

  2. Kathy....delighted you found my shop and my pieces of interest! I'm certainly honored that you chose to feature them here on your blog! I'm always distressed with the kind of start to the day you had, but seems like you have a find attitude about things and can roll with the punches....hope you were able to hold out on that evening glass of wine! Thank you again!

  3. Kathy, thank you so much for sharing my work here on your blog!! Delighted you found my shop! Hope you've had a better second half of the day than the first and are now enjoying that glass of wine, as I am!! Cheers and best wishes, Patti

    1. Thanks for your comments, Patti & Jean - my day ended much better than it started, and I got the whining out of my system. Of course the wine that went IN to my system might have helped just a tad. :)


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